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Posted by on January 6, 2022

No taking is very important for students of all kinds, and all grades. After attending online classes, they need to remember all the information about the subject matter and write down important points which they can revise later on before tests and examinations. If they miss out on important note-taking assignments, they are unable to remember and recall topics taught in class. This is why students are always recommended to take notes right away, without delaying and pushing the task aside for too long. However, some other methods can be adopted while taking notes so that they can rely on specific note-taking methods to help out their personalized needs.

The boxing method

No, this is not a game that you play inside a ring! Instead, it is simply the task of making boxes in presentations or offline notes to remember things better. It is still very unpopular among students in high schools, but university and college students use it all the time to box in important highlights and subheadings while learning broad topics. Everything is grouped, and each box is dedicated to assigning a different section of notes. Reading and reviewing all of this becomes easier because of the neat format. 

Digital notes are the most reliable with the boxing method because navigation is simple. You can resize the box according to your need quickly, without needing to erase the lines frequently. After writing them down, reorder the boxes as you wish. Fortunately, you can zoom into the portions for better-focused learning. Science notes demand diagrams, and a boxing note method will allow an online classroom user to note down diagrams along with explanations properly.


  • Helps in proper segregation, and further organization while important topics are written in the form of boxes
  • Students can focus better going from one box to another, reading each paragraph at a time
  • Helps in memorizing the notes
  • It is very compatible with all subjects that require diagrams, mathematical proofs, like science notes and history notes
  • Fits in perfectly with the features of online learning platforms

The outline format

Popular among all kinds of students, the outline format is the simplest and most basic form in which a student can organize their notes. It is structured in such a way that the title comes first, along with a description of the title right below it. You can now start writing one subtopic after another, putting in bullet points or important highlight points with a different color pen to attract your attention while revising. 


  • Maintains chronological order of topics as is taught in a class, or online platform
  • Helps in highlighting key points of the lectures along with the notes to draw perfect relations under relevant topics
  • Students find it easier to focus on the subject, charting out best methods to learn as well as revise properly before an examination
  • There is no extra time required for editing or reviewing the arts, commerce, or science notes 
  • The outline process allows students to make a different section of note formation that has only important points, thus acting as a perfect base information

Mapping out

Just like it is easier for everyone to pinpoint a location when they have a map in front of them, students can also use a similar mapping procedure to put together different sections of their notes. a mapping method is mostly used when students are preparing the final draft. They gather information and branch out all the topics concerning each other in the form of a horizontal or vertical map. The main title is written on top with two or more arrows pointing below. You can now keep dividing the subtopics further down, adding in more bullet points or definitions as you go.


  • It is visually very appealing, giving a brief idea of the content of the lesson which was taught
  • Works great with professional training and higher education because not every point taught in the lecture can be noted down, this can help in narrowing down all the subtopics which have already been covered
  • Because students leave a lot of space along the lines as they chart and map out the topics, they can also easily edit them and add in more details as their needs
  • Last-minute revision is possible and the most effective with a mapping method

Whether mathematical, scientific, or history notes, you can combine all the different methods to create a custom version of your learning material. At the end of the day, it is the amount of knowledge that you have gained from the use of a convenient note formation method that counts.


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