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Posted by on September 24, 2018

When writing a story, it is important to know and learn how to distinguished the parts of the story like the beginning, the middle story and how to end the story. With this, the writer will be able to create and structuralized a good story. The writer will create the perfect story with a catchy beginning and a great ending. However, as a beginner this is a bit confusing. A good writer must think of a good topic or title that is convenient for the writer to conceptualized and make a story out of it. A story does not only have a beginning and ending, but it also consists of a middle part. What is in the middle of the story? Middle is the progression of the beginning, it has more detailed events about the story. Metaphors are created in the middle part of the story. As a writer you will have the freedom to create you own story base on how you like the story to run.

To start, first is you must set your characters, be imaginative about them,, explore and gather ideas. You also need to know the different settings of your story, base on the characters you have created. Let your imaginative side overpower you, you can also include twists for your story to be fun, before writing. After doing this, start to write a draft of your characters based on what you imagine them to be. This will serve as your notes for you to easily create you story and be guided. But if your characters and settings don’t match then you will have to add some details or twist that would make your story be more interesting, but just keep it to yourself first.

Once you finalized your characters, settings and when and where they are needed in the story, then try to supplement and imagine where exactly will you put them in the events of your story. Input it on your mind, and use your five senses, see, smell, taste, hear and most especially feel them. for this to be more effective, as a writer you put yourself in to the character, settings, and events of your story. Implement this all before writing down your story. If an idea or something appear on your mind, remember to make a note of this, because this can be helpful when writing down your story. And also do not stop imagining. Then slowly write or start and tell the story base on what you have imagined. This will serve as the core of your story. Once you get to familiarized and master your story then you can easily figure out what is missing and can use alterations for the story to be more fun. Do not forget to sequence the events accordingly. You can also seek advice from the experts to have more ideas and apply them. The story that begins well ends well.

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