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Posted by on September 6, 2018

Whenever we close our eyes and imagine our dream vacation, a calm safari tour in the African continent may come into our minds. The thought of organizing the tiny details like hiring a babysitter for your child, that dinner date for your wife or husband or where your friends would play golf could oftentimes hinder the excitement of such holiday. Custom safari tours that offer family holidays, golf tours, or honeymoon would surely take out all the stress of organizing your long-waited trip.

1. Honeymoon safari – if you have dreamt of experiencing the wonder of the South African sun, then you must tailor your way to experience its romantic holidays. A lot of safari yours organize a very special treatment in the Kruger lodge for newlywed couples or honeymooners while maintaining the privacy of the couple. You can also book for a candle lit dinner or a luxurious massage under the beautiful night sky. All of these things are part of the honeymoon accommodation, letting you and your partner enjoy a very relaxing holiday together before you go back to the reality. As with the other safari tours, sightseeing is very important and a 4×4 tours would surely take you into action.

2. Golfing safari – as we know, South Africa has some of the much admired golf courses all over the world. Rolling hills and lush green lawns mean that their golf courses are highlight of most tourists. Majority of us still do not know that you could actually enjoy a safari tour while having golf as part of your luxury package. Golfers could now play their most favorite sport while viewing the crocodiles, giraffes, and hippos. For most of the golfers, this is their dream come true.

3. Family safari – most parents find it amusing to choose a safari tour for their family vacation simply because they think that their kids would love it. Safari tours that cater for parents and children are the best way to educate your kids about wildlife and South Africa and of course, be able to spend quality family time together. Most of the safari tours provide fun and supervised care, educational demonstrations about the environment and animals, making it a vacation that your kids won’t forget. Get more info from this homepage.

So, if you want to have your family vacation, honeymoon, or just a solo weekend getaway, a customized safari tour is surely the best way for you to escape the congested city and appreciate all the wonder of wildlife and South Africa as a whole. Learn more from

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