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Posted by on March 8, 2019

Most people know or have heard about stocks. However, not many have heard about stock loans. Don’t be confused; it merely means borrowing money and using the stock as collateral. It is just like an ordinary loan, like a mortgage whereby the person’s house becomes the collateral. The significant advantage of loans secured by stock is that the person that is borrowing can keep the proceeds in case they fail to pay. The borrower is only going to lose the stock portfolio. Most investors prefer this because of the low risk that is associated with the loan.

You can get a stock loan from StockLoan Solutions. Getting this loan is an excellent strategy for using your available stock. People have different reasons for going for this loan, and they are usually things like property acquisition, home renovation, and many more. Getting money through this loan is a swift and convenient way than any other loan type. You can secure your stock loan using very many stock types. However, there are certain requirements that the stock and the borrower need to meet before being granted the loan. Once you apply for a stock loan, processing it, and releasing the funds is going to happen in a few days. This fast process greatly favors those individuals who would like a fast cash source. Some things aren’t necessary when you are applying for this loan, and these are things like a credit report and income report, proof of employment and many more. Within a week, you are going to get the loan that you desire. Even those people who aren’t employed can acquire a stock loan.

There are some individual cases that the collateral stock value may fall below 80% of the required amount. Here, the borrower will have to add another stock or some additional cash so that they can meet the value of the loan. Remember that this loan is non-recourse and it doesn’t affect the borrower’s credit rating. All the benefits shift to the lender when they default on loan repayment. Don’t forget that this is still a loan, in which you are at risk of losing an asset. Something else that you need to keep in mind is the altering stock value. Whatever the negatives may be, a stock loan is a better loan option as it has lower risk. The person borrowing has the advantage as they pay the interest only once per quarter. To discover more about stock loan click on this link:


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