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Posted by on December 9, 2018

You are totally missing in life if you have not yet tried eating a Philly cheesesteak. A Philly cheesesteak or Philadelphia cheesesteak has its roots from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. It is a delicious sandwich containing a thinly sliced beef with a roll of cheese and onions. In this article you will be introduced to this snack.

So who created this scrumptious sandwich? In 1930, the brothers Pat and Harry Olivieri sold hot dogs in the triangle bordered by South 9th and Wharton Streets and Passyunk Avenue in South Philadelphia. They say that when the brothers got sick of eating hot dogs, they thought to buy beef from a store. They sliced and grilled the beef together with onions. When one taxi driver passed by and smelled the delicious scent of the burger, he asked to buy a piece from the brothers. Thus, the recipe was born. After that, there are many stories as to how innovations were made.

Now we discuss the ingredients of the cheesesteak.

Let us begin with the beef. Ribeye is the popular choice for making this sandwich. But there are those who prefer to use whole muscle beef cuts since they have distinct individual characteristics. They are very affordable and are of high quality.

Next is the bread. To make the perfect cheesesteak, you should choose a bread that is light, crisp but not overly crunchy on the outside and soft, tender but not overly chewy on the inside. Original cheesesteaks have steak rolls such as a sub, hoagie, or a torpedo roll, more info here. You can also opt for a kaiser roll, panini, wraps, English muffin, or matzoh. In addition, remember that the bread should be long, uniform and slender and that the ends are rounded not pointy.

Then we talk about the “cheese” of the cheesesteak. A sliced White American or a provolone is the popular choice for the cheese. This is because they blend well with the flavor of the steak since they are not too sharp or salty. Find an American cheese that has a creamy taste. While the provolone should have a mild or medium profile with a light smoky flavor. Aside from this, there are those who choose to use Cheese Wiz, mozzarella or Swiss cheese. Visit Boos Philly and learn more.

Not all cooks use onion in making a cheesesteak. If you want to add onion to your cheesesteak, you should make sure that it can give a sweet or tangy flavor. You can choose from a Spanish onion, yellow onion or a white onion that is either grilled, fried, or caramelized.

Aside from the beef, bread, cheese, and onion, you can also choose to add hot sauce, marina sauce, sweet peppers, bell peppers, hot cherry peppers, long hot peppers, ketchup, mushrooms, mayonnaise, or lettuce and tomato to your cheesesteak. Basically, anything that may add flavor to your cheesesteak.

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