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Posted by on May 17, 2019

I am going to share my experience of what it was like traveling to Guangzhou, China for the first during a business trip. This is the first time I had traveled to China so the experience was much different that what I was used to. I really enjoyed my time there and hope that I can share more about it here.

When I Arrived

After a long flight from the US to Beijing International airport, I finally stepped foot into China for the first time.  Because of a layover I needed to stop in Beijing and transfer over to another flight to Guangzhou Baiyan International airport. I didn’t get to go outside of the airport in Beijing to experience anything and stayed in the airport for 5 hours until my next flight.

Was really anxious to get a taste of what the Chinese culture was like and wanted to try eating many new food. But I had to wait until I arrived in Guangzhou city to get that experience. Later that night I finally arrived and from the airport I was taken to my hotel via a local taxi. At this point I realized how difficult it was going to be to communicate property with the locals such as the taxi driver and hotel staff.

I brought along my phone which has a translation app for me to write down what I want to say in English then have it translated in Chinese language. After showing the taxi driver where I wanted to go, he seemed to understand fairly well and bring me to my destination no problem.

guangzhou airport

The Culture Shock

Something that I was not really prepared for was the culture shock I would experience when first arriving into Guangzhou. Coming from America and stepping foot into China was a completely different culture and I could feel it almost instantly. The smells, the sounds, the people, the language, the food, the driving, everything was different.

It took me a couple days to finally get used to the culture shock and get over it. At this pointed I started to become a little sick because of the new viruses in the air my body had yet to learn about. Luckily the sickness didn’t last too long and I was able to begin doing what I needed to do.

Meeting With Business Partners

The whole purpose of my trip to Guangzhou was to meet with my business partners and visit their factory. I needed to get some new products manufactured and wanted to visit with the manufactures directly and see the whole process. I knew this part would be difficult because of the language barrier and not knowing any Chinese language at all. I had to hire a local Guangzhou Interpreter to assist me when talking with my Chinese partners.

Good thing I had the help of a translator the whole time or else I never would of been able to accomplish what I needed during this trip. The guide was very well fluent in English and could interpret everything very clearly to make them understand my needs.


My short was short lived unfortunately and I only spent 5 days total in Guangzhou, China. After leaving I felt very sad as I wanted to really explore this city more and the whole country. The Chinese culture seems very interesting to me and I cannot wait to go back again someday.

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