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Posted by on August 6, 2018


Prenatal massage therapy was developed to help pregnant women overcome the pains and changes in their body during this period.  Pregnant women have different needs and there are also different stages of pregnancy and so prenatal massage is adjusted according to their individual needs.


Prenatal massage is nothing new but has been used by people of old.  IN those days, they already practiced prenatal care for their pregnant women.  They need to make sure that before the mother gives birth to her child, that she is in excellent spiritual, mental, and physical shape.  Today, there is still that prenatal are for pregnant women.  The ancients rub the mother with oils that are vital during pregnancy and after childbirth.


One of the benefits of massage treatments during pregnancy is the improvement of the outcome of labor and the newborn’s health.  Massage helps the pregnant women be less anxious, relive muscle aches, and decrease depression.  There are other problems associated with pregnancy that are relieved with pregnancy massage treatments.


Pregnancy causes bodily hormones to fluctuate.  The hormones can be regulated with massage therapy.  Hormones can cause discomfort and mood swings for the mother.  Massage alters hormone levels by reducing stress and providing relaxation.  If the hormone level is regulated by massage, then there will be fewer complications during birth.


Swelling is often experienced by pregnant women.  Lubbock prenatal massage helps reduce the swelling and edema caused by less circulation and increase in pressure on the blood vessels.  Fluid collecting is limited in the tissues because of the stimulation of massage.


During pregnancy, the sciatic nerve can cause pain.  With pregnancy massage therapy, there will be less sciatic nerve pain.  The back and legs experience pain because of the pressure put o the sciatic nerve when there is swelling and weight gain during late pregnancy.  Pressure on the sciatic nerves is relieved with massage therapy and so the pain in the back and legs are lessened.


Blood volume increases during pregnancy and this can cause frequent headaches.  A professional therapist can massage the shoulders and neck to relieve the pain.


A pregnant woman that gets massage therapy is able to sleep better at night.  Some pregnant women can’t sleep at night because of the many pains and problems associated with pregnancy.  A mother can sleep well with massage therapy because pain will be relieved.


The benefits of sports massage Lubbock therapy are numerous.  Stress reduction is one of the most important bemefits of massage therapy.  A pregnant woman is able to experience relaxation with the help of massage therapy.  Mother and baby will then be very healthy.


Some of the common discomforts of a pregnant woman are also relieved with this form of massage therapy.  Stiff neck, backaches, leg cramps, edema or swelling, and headaches can affect the pregnant woman’s over all health.  Prenatal massage can help stimulate the blood flow and the nerves so that these problems are eliminated. All these pains and problems experienced during pregnancy can be relieved with massage because it stimulate blood flow and the nerves.


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