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Posted by on December 7, 2018

People may think it’s not necessary to have a website and a domain name. Most of these people do not see why it’s important to have a personal domain name. They believe it’s a waste of your time. It’s important to have a domain name and when choosing one, ensure that it is easy for customers to find you online. Choose a Nice Domain name that is short and memorable which will be very helpful for your visitors to find you. It mostly brings traffic to your website. Below are the Reasons why you should have your domain name.

You can control what people see when they search for you. There are two different parts this. The first is your domain name. The other part is you gaining control because this is your website. Since you are the owner, you get to choose what to show people and what not to show people. You can display to your customers what they want, and you have the capability of hiding pages which you don’t want google to crawl them.

You’re able to showcase yourself and your work. This is possible when you have your domain name. Currently, you may be using social media for this but having a domain and a website works faster since Google always prioritize people with websites over social profile in the search results. Most people who have a website and a domain tend always to have a blog. It’s an excellent way for people in business to offer something to those who visit their websites. A blog can give news to about both you and your company. It’s also evil to share relevant news and updates within the industry you are. It’s easy to set it up, but if you’re not able to, you can always get an expert to do that for you at a minimal fee. When you create a website for yourself, you can automatically add blogs. It’s essential to have it.┬áTo get additional details, view here:

You have the option of creating and disguising your email. When you have your domain name, you have the bonus of owning a domain email address. This makes your email to a profession feeling. When you choose to have the option of having a private domain name registration, you will be provided by a registrar a unique email address that can continuously change. The benefit of having it is that you can change your email by yourself and this reduces been contacted by spammers.

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