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Posted by on August 15, 2018



One of the most interesting coins in the history of America is the Morgan Silver Dollars.  This is also famously known as the liberty silver dollar and its history is widely enjoyed by its people. The US silver dollar was designed by George T. Morgan, hence the name. It is one of the most favourite coins that coin collectors both amateur and serious ones tend to collect.


The Currency & Coin has distinct features in the shape of the head of Lady Liberty on the obverse side and an eagle that has its wings spread widely on the reverse side. Over its mint life, there were tons of variations that were developed for this silver dollar coin. Just below the ribbon loops, you can actually see the mintmark there. There are different mintmarks depending on which city it was minted: CC for Carson City, S for San Francisco, D stands for Denver, and O alludes to New Orleans. If the coin bears no mintmark then it is probably crafted at Philadelphia.


These American currency coins bear 10% copper and 90% silver. Circulated Morgans have 0.765 Troy ounces of pure silver because of the wear factor that handlers do on these coins. On the other hand, the uncirculated ones bear 0.7734 Troy ounces of pure silver. Circulated silver coins were given the name of junk silver but this is not definitely the case since Morgan silver coins are very much worth their price. For more facts and information about coins, visit


The minting of this International Currency was suspended during 1904 due to the fact that the government experienced quite a disastrous shortage of silver bullion sources. A relatively small mintage in the amount of 8,812,000 coins were produced that year. The next minting of a Morgan silver dollar happened 17 years later. In 1921, production resumed but not for long because it was replaced by the Peace silver dollar.


The world would have had experienced an abundance of Morgan Silver Dollars except for two events namely the Pittman Act and the increase of silver bullion prices in the market. The Pittman act allowed the Morgan coins to be melted for their silver content.


If you are a coin collector and you desire to own a Morgan Silver Dollar for the lowest possible selling price with the coin’s mint condition intact, then get the circulated grades of Extremely Fine (EF) or About Uncirculated (AU). Exercise caution when you want to invest in MS63 or higher grades, they should either be in NGC or PCGS.


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