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Posted by on August 15, 2018


An individual with an investment on the valuable and precious metals, for instance, the silver coin can be advantaged. The values of money dramatically change and therefore lose value hence the prices get to fluctuate, and for a wise person, he or she can invest in the silver dollar. The Morgan Silver Dollars were first minted at four U.S mints. Most of the people would get interested in knowing the values of the Morgan Silver Dollar. The most common Morgan Dollar that is so recent is Philadelphia mint which happens to have no mint mark. For the coins that are made of silver, they are considered valuable. The Morgan silver dollar has an eagle holding the arrows then on the reverse there is there is the olive branch.


It weights twenty-six point seven three grams, the contents in it of silver is ninety percent. In most instances, the morgan silver dollar has a significant percentage of silver and some little percentage of ten rates of copper. The coin happens to have the excellent representation of Silver dollars in the manufacturing. Therefore, the Morgan Silver coins being considered as the most valuable silver coins that have ever been minted. It is considered being precious and valuable only because of the Silver content that is inside it and more so the size. Carrying a number of the Morgan silver dollar will seem to be very heavy for you. It is therefore considered very heavy according to the standards of the modern coins. The high content of Silver that is in the Morgan Silver Dollar makes it become popularly known for the high value.


The first design of the silver dollar coin was that of half a dollar. Later on, they wanted the coin to be on the dollar and be large enough, and therefore the half dollar was consequently taken up by the one dollar. The origination of the Morgan name came by because it was George T. Morgan who designed the coin. On the title, the dollars were therefore added. The Morgan Silver Dollar happened then to be the first dollar that was minted .t such time, one having the Morgan Silver coin was considered to have great riches. It was of high value like no other Silver coin.


This happened after the Congress set demonetization of the Silver. And by that time, Morgan Dollars was very famous and being collected very highly in the United States. As time went by, the values got differ time by time. For more insights about coin collector, watch this video at


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