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Posted by on March 16, 2019

For many years the world has witnessed a huge decrease in the population of wild life and birds. In the worst case scenario, many of these animals and birds have ended up extinct. This means that they disappeared without a trace from the face of the earth. This is a very sad thing because the world losses its heritage. For the generations that follow they get to learn and hear about such birds and animals on literature material only. In many cases, the wildlife and birds are portrayed as myths in this literature material and no one can really tell if they existed or not. This shows us how important it is to protect the earth’s habitat, and wildlife population for future generations. This article will discuss importance of protecting the wolf population in Colorado.

It is believed that the population of the gray wolf was at one time more than half a million. Sadly the current population of the gray wolf is less than one thousand. These animals lived in the snow peaks, the canyons and forest of West Colorado. The humongous difference between the past and present population is a clear indication that the humans are quickly saying good bye to the gray wolf population in Colorado. The decrease in the wolves’ population is no longer a howl but a cry for help. The human population, the federal and local government must take quick and drastic measures to protect and promote the growth of the gray wolf population.   View here to know about  wolves in Colorado.

Many nongovernmental organizations in the area have concerted efforts to ensure the population of the gray wolf is protected. They do this by carrying out educational programs to enlighten the Colorado population. The nongovernmental organizations aim at changing the negative narrative that people have heard about wolves for many years. Wolves have been portrayed in children literature as harmful animals which always target to kill or hurt humans. Thus people grow with the fear of wolves from a tender age. When such people encounter wolves in their neighborhood they are quick to kill the wolves. Scientists attest that wolves are not proactive to attack human and many times they avoid them. The activists believe the hunting of the wolves is the greatest contributor to their decreased numbers.  You can  learn more  by clicking here here.

The activists are also advocating for the protection of the wolves ecosystem in order to encourage the growth in their population. The activist are also urging the local and federal government to create laws that will protect the gray wolves population just like it has been done for other exotic animals. The activists strongly believe that the wolf population is the heritage of Colorado. The activists cry if for the wolf habitat to be under government protection to avoid encroachment, poaching and hunting of this animal. They believe if the home of the gray wolves is under protection, they will steadily increase in number.  Find more info here :


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