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The opportunity to exercise when it fits into personal schedules is the main reason people set aside space in the home for a gym. A small space with weights is inexpensive and effective. Those with more space and resources tend to favor new machines. Whether the gym includes classic equipment, the latest versions of trendy machines, or both owners enjoy benefits beyond exercise. The return on the investment is much higher than that of a gym membership that may not be used to the fullest potential.


Eliminating the travel time of packing up a gym bag and driving to and from the fitness center allows more time to exercise. There is also no more time wasted waiting for equipment to be available during peak times. The aggravation of finding a parking space is gone, as is the need to place belongings in a locker. The transition of going from daily activities to working out three or four times a week is seamless when the gym is at home.

Less Germs

Take a minute to consider the health risks of exercising at a fitness center. There are dozens of strangers sweating and breathing in an enclosed space. The equipment is shared by hundreds of people during any given week. The locker room is a steamy and humid breeding ground for mold, bacteria, and communicable disease. All those germs are brought into the home and the entire family is exposed. At home there is more control over the environment, the frequency of equipment cleaning, and who uses the weights and machines. The shower is always available, and towels have come from your own dryer. This situation does not add health risks to the family, especially young children.

A Built-In Example

Parents who exercise at home are instilling the value of regular physical activity in children. They see the time spent in the gym, notice the results, and are more likely to establish the habit of exercising. That benefit alone is worth creating the space. Growing up exercising is vital for life long health. Telling kids they need to exercise is less effective than showing kids the benefits of exercise. Obesity, heart disease, and a sedentary lifestyle have gripped the country in epidemic proportions. Working out as a family is the easiest way to combat these issues. Most people ponder over the question of Training At Home vs Training In The Gym? Consider the added benefits of a home gym when deciding on the answer.

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