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Posted by on May 8, 2019

Just like human beings, dogs that are of age do need extra care and a proper feeding schedule due to their unique nutritional requirements. When it comes to senior pet foods, there are recommendations and feeding guidelines that have been developed and this is what manufacturers are using to produce such food. Most people that own dogs do know that the older ones need to be feed with feeds with different nutritional content from others but do not precisely understand the kind of diet required. For instance, most people do have the notion that senior dog food should be low in calories, fat, and protein. Experts and professionals, on the other hand, do not support such believe and see no necessity in depriving a dog such ingredients. If you have a dog that is of the right weight, then there is no need of giving them such a diet. The kind of feed that is given to a dog should be a subject of their own needs and not putting age as the only consideration.  Click here to check it out!

If you have a senior dog that has begun losing weight, it is not recommended for you to feed them with food that has low fat and calories count. A dog that is getting old has the potential to lose weight quickly since they have a little appetite; they do have dental problems that make feeding on some food challenging and some other health-related issues. When it comes to such, it is of essence that you feed them with foods rich in calories that easy to digest. The other important thing to their diet is lots of fluids. For example, you can feed them with stews, and if you are using kibble, it is vital that you add some water into it. Ensure that you feed your dog with good quality protein to help them maintain healthy muscle, functional organ, and immune system. You can  read more here.

Due to high rates and chances of constipation among senior dogs, it is recommended to incorporate a high fiber content food in their diet. Fiber aids with digestion but also prevent absorption of nutrients meaning that it should be in excess. To help with digestion, help your dog get exercise and provide them with plenty of water. Other dietary supplements could be of benefit to your dog. The supplements do help your dog with nutrients that they do not receive from the food they are eating. This is essential mainly when you are relying on commercial feeds for they are exposed to high temperatures which ruin some nutrients.  See more here :


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