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Posted by on May 10, 2019

There comes a time when pests infest people homes, and it becomes hard to eliminate them on your own. In such a situation, it is worthwhile to look for a professional pest control company to do it on your behalf. However, it can be a daunting task to choose one pest control company among the many that are there in the market. Hence, due diligence is very crucial to ensure that you do not get into the wrong hands. To hire the right pest control company, the following are important tips to use while on the search.

Portfolio of Work

When looking for a pest control company, you should ask about their work. This is because you can only get a good clue about their work after asking crucial questions. In most cases, you will find that reputable pest control companies include their work portfolio on their websites. This is a good sign to show that the Brantley Termite Control & Pest is transparent and they are committed to their work. In addition to this, you should ask for references from their previous customers. Find out if these past customers have been satisfied with their pest control services.

Services Offered

Choosing a pest control company is as essential as choosing other professional services. You should ensure that the company you engage has a high degree of competence. They should also be in a position to inspect your premises and recommend a control program. They should establish the extent of the problem and determine the best active ingredient to use in the pesticide chosen. They should also ensure that you do not experience adverse health effects from the active ingredient.


One of the ways you can get to know how a service provider will treat you is by checking how they normally treat others. Therefore, previous customer scores and testimonials from professional rating organizations can offer a vital check into a company’s reputation. If previous customers have praised the company for their pest control services, then they will provide the same level of service to you. Consequently, always remember to look into these ratings before hiring any company. Click here for more info:

Insurance Coverage

You should make sure that the company has proper insurance coverage for their workers or anyone else who may be affected by the pesticides. A workman’s compensation is important to cater for the employee’s medical expenses in the event of accidental injury. They should also have a valid work permit for their practice. Learn more here:


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