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Posted by on December 27, 2018

Outdoor events, excavation or construction sites, or transforming a large convention center into separate spaces require temporary fencing. Knowing which type of fencing is needed can be difficult to determine without experienced help. A company with over twenty-years of experience providing fencing for all kinds of temporary events and work-sites can send a professional to the location. That person will assess the space, learn about specific needs, and make recommendations for the appropriate solution.


The most important goal of setting up fencing is safety for everyone involved. A construction fence, for example, is to keep the business, employees, pedestrians, equipment, and materials safe. The business is safe from high liability risks. People are safe from accidents and injuries while equipment and supplies are safe from damage and theft.

Depending on the size and scope of the work-site, security fencing nz may be required. This need is filled via stronger fencing and available accessories that can be added to fencing panels. Blocks can be added to posts to make them more durable and bars can be used to brace fencing in many extra places. Wire can be added to the top of the fencing and cloth or plastic can be included for privacy and wind protection. Discussing concerns with the professional will result in a customized solution for unique needs.


Another goal of fencing for events and activities is organization. Lining pathways with fencing at festivals or fairs direct people to main areas or buildings, keep them from getting lost, and avoid children wandering off. Higher fencing will keep the public from restricted areas and provide clear passage for delivery vans, vendor supply storage, and maintenance equipment. Separating specific seating areas at concerts is important to avoid confusion, keep people from instantly upgrading their own seating, and make crowd control easier for security personnel.

Necessary Facilities

Keeping crowds of people comfortable during shows, events, or concerts require portable facilities. These can be ordered and delivered by the same company providing the fencing. The options for portaloo hire auckland include basic units, standard ones, wheelchair accessible units, and luxury trailers complete with lounge areas and attendants. Units can be self-contained, have flushing capabilities, or be sewer connected for long-term temporary needs.

Extra hand washing stations can be set up near food vendors, close to the agriculture fair petting zoo, or at the arcade exit. These are small and include a waste bin at the side. Crowds appreciate the convenience and will be encouraged to stay longer and visit more vendors.

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