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Posted by on February 9, 2018

Today we will give some tips on how to choose the right convertible car seat easily. Some people think that choose a convertible seat for the baby is not a big deal. But they’d be wrong. Why? One of the reasons is that if you choose a size that will perfectly fit the baby – the seat becomes useless in a while. The little children are the most rapidly growing creatures – so think about the future and chose a slightly bigger convertible seat.

convertible car seat

The process of choosing a right seat is always a little bit of a show. Nowadays the choice of products of this type is huge – no wonder parents get lost in the debris of local baby stores. Again – just see how many material types, foams, sizes and shapes, etc.

  1. The very first tip we would like to give you in order to keep you sane is – FORGET ABOUT SAFETY. All the modern seats are tested millions of times before they go anywhere except the warehouse. So try to take into consideration some other important features – like size of the baby or…materials used in production. By the way – another line about safety. Modern car seats have special shock-absorbing foam on the sides – which guarantees extra protection in collision accidents. Those will protect the head and abdomen of the baby during an emergency.


  1. Pay attention to the adjustment issue. It is better to buy a slightly bigger convertible seat – but equipped with a good adjustable harness. So when the baby grows you don’t have to rush to the nearest store and order a new seat.


  1. It is very strange – but a lot of convertible car seats do not come with the covers that you can easily take off. Please pay attention to this fact, because buying covers additionally – does not have anything to do with money saving. Try to choose the seat that INCLUDES the removable covers because children and mess are always walk together. Most of the removable covers are suitable for machine washing.


  1. A few words about installation. Convertible car seat must ALWAYS be installed in the back of the car. Safety experts claim that it is better to keep the child in a car REAR-FACING – at least till the age of three. By this age children usually reach their car seat weight limit and the car seat must be replaced. Also pay attention to the weight limits. Some manufacturers guarantee their convertible car seat can handle the weight up to 40 and 50 pounds. It is also better to trust the installation itself to a professional. This will prevent most of the mistakes that people make during this easy (at first sight) process). The seat must be installed correctly in its place.


  1. Try not to buy any used car seats – especially convertible ones. First issue is – secondhand seats may have some important parts missing. Without you even noticing this. The other issue is the unseen damages. This can deal a lot of harm in the future – don’t risk without a cause.

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