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Posted by on November 9, 2018

Credit card offers are very common from your mailbox, in stores where you shop and on the internet.  It is easy to apply for the credit cards simply because these deals often look good.  Sometimes the credit card issuers also offer attractive discounts.  However, it is crucial that you stop to think if that’s the right card for you.  You will save a lot of money by shopping around wisely for the right credit card. To get more info, click firstpremiercreditcard. Before selecting a credit card, you should get answers to some few key questions.  This can be done by reading the disclosure contained in the credit card application.
Type of Card
There are very many types of credit cards to select from.  These include reward credit cards, regular credit cards, and student credit cards among others.  Therefore, depending on your situation, you should find out the best card for you.  Before applying for the card, make sure that you understand the kind of credit card that you are applying for prior to filling out the application form.
Do you want to pay your bills in full each month?  If so, the best option might be a charge card.  That’s if you have the credit required to qualify for that particular card.  On the other hand, you should also consider if you will be using the card for balance transfers.  If that is the situation, then you should consider a credit card which has a low-interest rate on balance transfers.  You also need a low-interest rate card if you wish to carry a balance from one month to the other.
Credit Card Limit
The credit limit normally influences your purchasing power.  If you are a beginner in using credit cards, its prudent to start with a very low credit limit so as to become familiar with the use of credit cards responsibly. Learn more about Credit Card. Some credit card issuers allow a higher credit limit to lure their clients. Be wary of such and also the no-limit credit cards.  These institutions can look maxed out on your credit report sometimes.  This will have a adverse effect on your credit score.
Finance Charge Calculation
You also ought to consider the credit card company’s calculation method of the finance charge.  The method used to calculate the charge can have a big impact on the amount of the charge.  Some methods calculate the current month’s balance only while others calculate the previous and the current months’ balances. Learn more from


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