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Posted by on May 25, 2018

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Will the professional roofer take away your old roof? An easy means for black hat roofer in order to cut corners is to visually assess the old roof and then shingle over it. To learn more about roofing, click water damage restoration service.  If they will not pull the old shingles up, on the other hand, they will not know whether or not there are any soft spots that hide underneath. If the problems are not discovered and repaired early on, you will be having expensive repairs as time goes experienced and good roofer must always take up your old roof before they will place the new one.
Will the professional roofer install a metal or drip edge? Edge or drip metal is usually a piece of aluminum that is placed below the shingles where they come out of the roof. This will extend out and assist in directing runoff to your eaves troughs in order to keep your fascia, soffits, and decking safe and sound. If this is not installed, then you might end up having heavy bills for the damages caused by water later on. A couple of unscrupulous roofers will just skip drip edging unless the homeowner would specifically request for it which is the reason why it is always crucial to ask about it.
How many nails will the professional roofer utilize for every shingle? The roofer you hire must utilize at least 4 nails for every shingle for a typical job. On the other hand, if your house has a high wind area or a steep slope roof, they will necessitate to utilize 6 nails for every shingle in order to hold them in place very well.
Keep in mind that it is also about the manner on how the nail is installed:
All the shingles must have a nail line which can range from 1.5 to 2.5 cm where the nail must be positioned. To get more info, click home roof repair. Placing the nail so high would mean that it will not catch the shingle below which can compromise the strength of the roof. But if it is too low, then it will expose the nail which can lead to corrosion over time and lead to gaps in your roof which will expanding and contract naturally with the changing temperatures. And not nailing shingles on the nail line will also void warranties and will make your roof more prone to storm and wind damages.
Be cautious when hiring a roofer and ask the right questions to find the best.Learn more from


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