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Posted by on June 7, 2018

This is amazing and wonderful. In such a short time, too! Thank you for sharing. This post and your presentation will help me formulate a plan to blog in my own primary classroom in March. Just out of curiosity, when you started a classroom blog this year, did you run into anyone that wasn’t as supportive as you’d hoped? How did you assuage their concerns? Thanks!

Thanks so much. I was really surprised when I looked back too to see how far they had actually come!

I was lucky I didn’t run into anyone who wasn’t supportive. Education is key – when asking parents and the principal for permission, you need to have guidelines in place.

A lot of people have questions – like how to you protect the students’ privacy etc but I always have an answer to satisfy them (so far!)

Good luck, you will love blogging!

What a great post and the progress that your kids have made is amazing. They have been incredibly lucky to have you as their teacher. What I love the most is that rather than learning something in one year and then forgetting it, you’ve taught these kids a skill and they will continue to use this in meaningful contexts after they leave your class (particularly those kids who have their own blogs) – surely that’s what teaching’s read about this.
I can’t wait to start with my new class next year full of the wonderful ideas you have set out. They will be Grade 1 so it’ll be interesting to see how, at an even younger age, they progress and improve.

Thanks again for the help you’ve offered me and others with blogging.

Thanks for your kind words. I also feel lucky to have such a wonderful PLN. If I wasn’t connecting with so many great teachers across the world, I wouldn’t know what is possible!

I do hope my students continue on blogging. For the ones who don’t, at least they’ve learnt skills that they can transfer to all other areas of their writing. Blogging is a 21st century literacy that provides so many benefits. I really am the blogging cheerleader!

I was somewhat apprehensive when I went from having Grade 3 to Grade 2 – I wondered if I’d be able to use technology as much and get as much out of them. After setting high standards I was pleasantly surprised and I bet you’ll be surprised with your Grade Ones too. Of course their literacy skills are still emerging so much that they won’t be able to do everything but I think technology/blogging will be a great catalyst for driving those skills forward!


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