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Posted by on February 12, 2019

Businesses that spend the money on custom exhibits are making investments that will provide high returns if they are used as often as possible for as long as possible. A high-quality manufactured display created with innovative design and engineering services will last for several years with proper care. Taking down displays carefully and storing them as indicated by the company will prolong the life of the materials.


Multiple uses by different employees can lead to spills, scratches, tears, or stains. Coffee rings, a ding in the printed logo, a small tear at one seam, or a leaky pen left on the stretched fabric cover will diminish the professional and vibrant look of the exhibit. Companies that provide one-stop display creation, such as Team One Exhibits, also offer repair services for those displays. There is no better way to ensure seams line up, the colors match, and tears or holes virtually disappear from sight.


It is not easy to know what styles and fashions will prevail when it comes to booth materials and displays. Stand-alone interactive stations that are popular now may give way to tables where groups can discuss information four-years from now. That does not mean the business must spend more money on an entirely new created set of displays. Refurbishing services are offered to give existing displays a whole new look. Frames, modules, and sky banners, among other components are redone to continue to successfully capture attention and impress visitors.

Post-Event Services

Follow up printed materials are a great way to re-engage the visitor, enhance the vision of the brand in the mind, and encourage a call to action. These will match the display colors and elements to make a deeper connection with the customer. Cards, brochures, and postcards can keep customers interested and indicate when the business will be in the area again at another venue.

Another service offered after trade shows and exhibitions are over is storage. Many businesses do not have space or capacity to store displays in a cool and dry place to preserve the materials and get as much use as possible out of the investment. When needed, the materials can be shipped to the exhibition location for convenience. After that show, simply ship them back to the warehouse. Taking care of displays will mean they will serve the business well for many years to come. Discover all the added-value services available by visiting the website.

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