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Posted by on November 11, 2021

With estimated sales of $3.8 trillion in 2019, the retail industry is one of the largest industries in the USA. As the industry is growing rapidly, the demand for the variety of items is also increasing. In this scenario, another demand is also increasing more speedily than the demand for them, and it is the demand of the packaging solutions. The packaging solution that has the highest demand among all is the Kraft Packaging Boxes. Just as their name suggests, these boxes are made of heavy duty Kraft stock that is well known for its rigidness and multifunctional qualities. These qualities are the reason that this type of packaging solution is considered an ideal choice for the retail industry.

Below you will find six reasons why these boxes are perfect for retail industry around the globe.

  • Multifunctional Packaging


The major reason why these boxes are loved by retailers all around the world is that they are multifunctional. These containers can be used for a wide range of products that are of different shapes and sizes even diverse in nature. From solid items like toys and electronics to delicate products like gift items and decoration pieces, these boxes can be used for anything without fearing that the product inside them will be harmed, scratched, or damaged. They are also widely used for storing products and documents that are rarely used in the house or at the office.

  • Organic Packaging


Being organic and manufactured with 100 percent environment-friendly material is another quality of these packages. These Eco-Friendly Boxes are not only protective for the product but also towards the environment and do not pollute it like other artificial materials used for the manufacturing of packaging solutions. Since these containers are used for the storage purpose as well, they keep the items stored for a long time without damaging their actual shape. These boxes made with green packaging material that can easily be recycled, and it is also perfectly safe to reuse them for a number of jobs as well.

  • Customized┬áSize and Shape


The availability of different shapes and sizes for this type of packaging makes it more reliable, handy, and a favourite choice for those who deal in the retail business. Usually, the packaging and printing solution manufacturers allow the customers to choose the size and the shape of the box that is perfectly suitable for their products. For products that are delicate in nature and require extra protection in packaging, these containers can be customised with sleeves, inserts, and cushions inside the box accordingly. For items like electronics and toys, these boxes can be ordered with a double layered wall that promises safe and sound delivery of the product.

  • The Luxury of Printing

Another important factor about these is that they can be printed in different exciting designs and patterns. A product packed in an elegantly designed box grabs the attention of the customer in a glance and compels them to pick up the product and take it with them even if it was not included in their shopping list. For example, there are a dozen types of soaps that are displayed on the shelf of a store, but only the soap that has a unique and charming packaging will become the choice of the customers. The Kraft Soap Boxes can be your tool to get the attention of the buyers and increase the sale of the product. By using the wide range of PMS and CMYK colour schemes, the customers can get their desired designs printed in the most exciting colours.

  • Cost-effective Packaging

Cost-effective Packaging

The reason that Kraft Boxes are preferred by the manufacturers and retailers is that they are very economical and does not affect the cost of the product, ultimately the buyers will get a quality product at an affordable price with the confidence that the item they are paying for is not only economic but also packed in a protective packaging. Another reason for these boxes to be cost-effective is that they can easily be recycled and reused, thus reducing the burden of manufacturing packaging with fresh material every time. The reusability is a quality that is fruitful not only for the retailers but also for the buyers.

  • Extra Protective Packaging

Extra Protective Packaging

One of the major reasons that these boxes have become an ideal choice for the retail sale of the products is that they are extra protective for the items that are packed in them. The thick and tough Kraft stock that is used in the manufacturing of these cartons ensures the safety of the item inside the box, especially while it is being transported from the manufacturer to the retailer. Just because of their sturdiness and multifunctional quality, these boxes are also used by the retailers that are operating their business online and used to deliver the product to the customer through courier or their own cargo service.


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