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Posted by on May 8, 2018

Since business establishments are becoming big in number, your chance of earning money with them also increases. Having a land area that is good for cell tower leasing makes you lucky. But, you need to communicate with the right company. Cell tower leasing is a serious matter and not only a matter of profit-taking. It is true that you can generate money from it, but it should be done with justice. You deserve to get the right income while the cellular company also deserves to get its part when marketing its services there.

Some cellular companies are wise enough to offer you a price. However, you need to know that it is you who will give the price and not them. You need to educate yourself in matters that involve laws and regulations. You need to know some business laws which consider the relationship between the owner of the land area and the company to lease. You need to protect your right as the owner. If you will sign the contract, the terms and conditions of leasing should be clear to you. You also have your own set of conditions which the company should know, and they need to respect it because it is based from the law. To know more visit this siteĀ

Before the erection of cell tower, the community shall even be informed. The cell company needs to be responsible upon the process of setting up a cell tower by hiring the best cell tower expert. If an accident happens, they need to fix the mess right away. If there are people who become victims of the accident, they need to provide the necessary aids to them that go beyond mere hospitalization. There is a leasing rate which you need to offer to the company. Such rate is based on the value of your property. You also need to know that the leasing rate will also depend on the type of land. You can never just compare the prices of areas in a suburb, urban, and rural because they are not the same.

Since it is an important matter, you need to consult a professional like a cell tower advisor. You can find a leasing professional who will tell you how much to rate based on his research in the market. His ability to find the right cellular company is also a big help for you. If you do not want to tire finding the right company, leave the job to the consultant and he will be willing to help.


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