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Posted by on September 18, 2018

Many property owners choose to make use of deer fencing to handle any garden-pest problem they have. The use of the fence is of great help in keeping unwanted guests out and protecting plants, shrubs, and more. However, care must be taken when choosing a deer fence to ensure it serves its intended purpose. What factors need to be taken into consideration as this fence is selected?

The Fence Height

Deer can jump very high. In fact, an eight-foot leap is not unheard of with an animal of this type. Some creatures may have the ability to jump even higher. As a result, any fence that is selected for this purposes needs to be a minimum of eight feet. Most people select a metal or polypropylene mesh fence of this height to protect their garden. Other fencing materials aren’t as effective as these two options when it comes to keeping the deer out.

Repair Costs

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a fence is it will need to be repaired at some time or another. Learn about the costs of repairing different types of fences. Repairs cannot be neglected, as a small opening can allow numerous critters in and defeat the purpose of installing the barrier.

Fencing to the Ground Isn’t Enough

Deer tend to be persistent. If they cannot get through a fence, they may try to go under it. To prevent them from getting inside, make certain the fence doesn’t stop at the ground. Buy extra material and allow it to rest on the ground. Stake this portion of the fence to the ground inside the barrier. The deer won’t be able to go under the fence when this extra step is taken.

Durability and Accessibility

Choose a fence that is very durable and can hold up to a variety of pests, not simply deer. Furthermore, choose a gate that is also resistant to deer and other pests. You need to be able to access your garden and the gate allows you to so do but it must provide easy entrance to the garden without letting animals in.

When you have a pest problem, a deer fence may not be enough. Some individuals find they need to make use of a combination of deterrents, including a fence, repellents, and more. Continue trying different methods to find the one or ones most effective for your unique situation. You’ve worked hard to establish your garden and don’t want your efforts wasted. These deterrents will be of great help in ensuring they aren’t.


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