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Posted by on August 21, 2018

You have probably seen people wearing lapel pins on their jacket. Lapel pins have been around for many years but still, continue to exist in this modern age. This only proves that this item has come far from just being simple pins.

Today, lapel pins have varying purposes. People use it to show identity, affiliation, increase awareness, and fashion. But on what occasions should you use lapel pins? For those who are new to lapel pins, here’s a short Lapel 101 introduction.

Lapel pins are versatile. You can use it on different occasions based on the design. Here are the different types of lapel pins and when you can use it.

  1.    Awareness pins-Lapel pins are often used as a tool for increasing awareness. Various organizations hand lapel pins to people or to their guest during an event. One of the most popular awareness pins that changed the world is the pink ribbon. The pink ribbon signifies the fight against breast cancer. It impacted societies to become conscious of the effects of breast cancer on women. Thus, if you are planning to demonstrate support towards social causes in the world, look here to get more info about awareness and event pins.
  2.    Trading pins- Have you seen those pins people wear during a game? Trading pins have become a popular motivation and support tool in a sports game. Athletes wear trading pins carrying their team name to show unity and camaraderie. Thus, for your next game make sure to use a trading pin of your favorite team.
  3.    Fashion pins-If you are looking for a lapel pin for all occasions, there are pins design for fashion purposes. This type of pin can add flair to your style. Moreover, you can order customized pins in photo-etched to personalize your fashion. This type of pin is also ideal for kids.

Indeed, lapel pins give you a classic and elegant look. Moreover, despite its small size, pins have great function. Then, where you can find the best custom pins?
It is all here in the leading lapel pin superstore.

This source of lapel pins has been around for years providing quality and 100 percent satisfying products. Their portfolio extends to small pin projects to dealing with renowned businesses in the market. You can guarantee that dealing with this pin superstore is worth your money.

What do they Offer? 

This pin store offers a wide variety of custom pins. They create lapel pins in cloisonné, soft enamel, die struck, printed color and photo-etched. They also offer custom made challenge coins and sports or trading pins. You can find all the pins you need right on this source.

Do already have a pin design in your mind? If you do, get a free digital artwork proof to get a sample of this pin store’s work. Also, visit their website to check it out and see more of their unique designs.

The lapel pins comeback is on! Choose your lapel pin today and be a part of the revival of lapel pins in the market.


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