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Lighting for the home is largely a personal choice. The fixtures should demonstrate the homeowner's personality and sense of style. However, many people opt to install chandeliers in the home only to be disappointed once they are installed. There are some ways to avoid this issues and ensure the fixtures you choose are right for the space. Select the Right Size The chandeliers need to be appropriately sized for the rooms they will be placed in. The goal is to ensure the lighting fixture will be easily seen from a distance. For this reason, a small room in the home likely won't benefit from the addition of this light fixture, but there are plenty of other choices available. A good rule of thumb to use is to determine the dimensions of the room. Take the length of the room and add this to the width of the room. Once this number has been determined, this is the appropriate size for a chandelier. If one cannot be found in this size, it's best to choose something else. The Style Some individuals prefer a contemporary look for the home, and there are numerous modern chandeliers to choose from. Others wish for a more vintage look, and those people will discover numerous chandeliers that will complement their overall decor. One thing to keep in mind is the chandelier needs to either be the focal point of the room or be the finishing touch, one that isn't overwhelming but will add to the feel of the space. When choosing the chandelier, make certain the details can be seen on every side also for the maximum impact. The Placement of the Fixture Where will the chandelier be hung? This question needs to be answered to ensure the right drop is obtained. If the chandelier will be placed over a dining room table, for example, it is recommended there be 42 to 48 inches between the top of the table and the bottom of the chandelier. When this fixture will be hung in an entryway, it should hang approximately 10 to 11 feet from the floor at its base. Keep this in mind when comparing fixtures. Whether you are searching for designer chandeliers or ones with a shabby chic look, there are countless to choose from. Take time to research many different fixtures to find the one that is right for your home. When the right one is selected, you'll love how it adds to the feel of the residence and will get the maximum return on the money you have spent.

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