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Posted by on September 19, 2018


A lot of the people that have diabetes don’t know that they can get money from selling their additional diabetic strips, or more so, what to do with them other than putting them in the trashcan. Those who know they can sell them, they do so many reasons. A lot of those who get their strips via the mail order companies, they get more than they may want thus leaving them with many additional boxes. Another reason is due to a change in testing requirements, for example, reduce testing, their physician has changed their prescription to another brand, they no longer have to test for various reasons and so on.


There are reasons why you can sell your test strips. The obvious one is that you will be able to make money at the same time helping another person with diabetes in the process. Vendors who purchase diabetic test strips have many reasons for doing this. They are mostly into it for the money while others are there to help the people with diabetes who are unable to afford to pay for the full cost from the chemist since their insurance doesn’t cover them. Others don’t have insurance or the deductible from the insurance will be too high. So regardless of whom you sell the test strips to, be guaranteed it will reach those who need it the most and the best part they will get it at a discounted price. Isn’t that nice? Get cash for test strips here!


There are many reliable buyers over the internet that you may mail your diabetic strips and get your cash. A lot of the buyers are willing to buy between 2$ and 10$ per box while others are ready to pay upwards twice that same amount. It will only take a few minutes to do a simple search and locate many companies and persons that will offer you money for your diabetic test strips. Some may even reimburse you for the transportation charges. Discover more facts about glucometer at


The test strips that you sell will have to be in an unopened box which is not out of date and has preferably six or more months before the expiration. Some can buy test strips which are short-dated that means; three months of expiration but will pay less. Even for those with damaged boxes, will cost less. So if you wish to make some extra money and at 0the same time do a good deed, you may sell your test strips and be assured you are helping someone in the end. You can sell test strips here!


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