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Posted by on June 22, 2018

As many nurses have discovered, becoming a Director of Nursing in Long Term Care facilities can be a great way to take the career to the next level. Compared to staff nurses, Directors of Nursing have many more responsibilities and are able to influence the quality of care in a facility in even more profound ways.

For those who have already worked in such a position, seeking out an even more rewarding one elsewhere will often be the natural next step. Conducting a Director of Nursing Job search with the assistance of an agency like 360 Healthcare Staffing will always make success significantly more likely.

Finding the Perfect Facility or Nursing Home to Manage and Lead

There is enough demand for skilled, qualified Directors of Nursing today that many candidates will have a number of options to choose from when they go looking for new positions. Agencies like 360 HCS are consistently able to help job seekers narrow down their options in order to focus on the most suitable and appealing.

In many cases, it will not necessarily be the compensation associated with particular openings that ends up mattering the most but particular qualities of the facility in question, itself. Some of the facility-related factors that it will often pay to consider include:

Scale. Many Directors of Nursing looking for a second or subsequent position will have first assumed the role in relatively small facilities. With competition for such spots generally being less intense, smaller nursing homes and long term care facilities are typically the most welcoming of Directors of Nursing candidates looking to move up from previous postings as assistants. Likely the single most direct and productive way for a Director of Nursing to develop further in the profession is to secure a position at a larger, more active facility. That will inevitably mean taking on more responsibility, along with all the corresponding professional development that is to be expected.

Inspections and ratings. Another important issue to consider when assessing particular facilities is the established record of each at delivering safe, effective care. A facility that has performed perform on past inspections and which has only middling ratings could be an especially challenging place for an incoming Director of Nursing.

Many More Ways to Find the Perfect Position

Experienced recruiters will always be able to help those seeking Director of Nursing positions work through considerations like these and others. Looking beyond basics like compensation and delving into the details of each particular facility will always be worthwhile.

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