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Posted by on August 22, 2018

Many inaccurate circulating ideas have been about Royalty free music. We shall look at the real meaning and put aside misinterpretations often associated with this subject. In short, Royal Free Music is the type of licensing of music where the purchaser of the music pays for the license for the music once and is free to have the content for the longest duration entertained. For instance, one can purchase the music royalty of a film through the internet. Payment is done only once, and it doesn’t matter how many invitees you allow to access the video or the period of time the video is accessed. Another example is the purchase of an advertisement program that is licensed for the purpose of usage in one’s restaurant. Once payment is done for the commercial, it can be replayed for as long as the purchaser wishes it to run.

To defuse any confusion, the term Royalty free actually means the royalty has no cost. The reference is in contrast to managed rights. This is where the buyer has the royalty paid for as many times the music is used. Let it be clear that free of royalty doesn’t mean it’s free of cost. Just like tax-free doesn’t mean that the item is free, the product is exempted from tax but the initial cost remains the same. A composer could give out his music for free in a concert but in exchange for other works that will benefit the composer. Stock music is not royalty free music. Music of royalty genesis is from library stock music like found in certain sites on the website, which is not synonymous. Library stock music simply means offering music that is already in use, ready to license and already made. Stock music is perceived wrongly as “canned music”. In stock music, there is a variety of music that ranges from amateurish music poorly mixed to track labels professionally done. Stock music library has the basis of the royal free where music offered has a right managed limit depending on territorial size and frequency of use.

Royalty free music shouldn’t be related to copyright free music. Any creation of music by an artist automatically gives the artist the ownership of the music copyright. The artist, in this case, is allowing right to copy of the music but shouldn’t be misconstrued to mean that the artist has let go performing rights of his music. The artist will still be expecting royalties of composing when in performance in public. The sounding record often is not for free or what is referred to as the master. Click here for more info.

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