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Posted by on August 3, 2018

The opioid crisis that is experienced In Canada shows that Canada ends up spending millions of dollars on an annual basis to control licit drugs out which the high percentage of that money used is for law enforcement activities. However, this is the relatively large amount of money which could have been used in other areas to improve the standards of living among many Canadian populations. However, what is more, worrisome is that the reduction of the risk of illegal drug use to the community health is meager. It therefore clearly show that Canada is in need of new strategies which will cover the whole nation. The programs that concentrate beyond the drug prohibition domain. Here are some of this strategy that Canada can consider.

There should be the need to look beyond traditional drug policies and implement new ones. However, the research that has been done in Canada show that there should be an improvement in the health policy and also public health in whole. There should be the law which should be set that anyone caught using the illicit drugs should be penalized according to the law. The research done in the year 2012 shows that some people use the illegal drugs in Canada yet they do not want, or they are not willing to take. Several drug prevention programs should be directed towards different institutions like schools and also organizations.

Evidence-based on programs that the aim is drug treatment show that the most massive scale implementation effort would yield a lot of benefits regarding micro and macro levels of the Canadian population. Therefore it shows that they will need more and useful models in the health centers for its improvement. The medical and non-medical withdrawal programs, mental health therapies and opioid substitution therapy that should be re-evaluated and also re-launched with a renewed strategy. However, this will give out positive results without the need to spend too much. This website has more:

In the traditional policy of harm reduction strategy people were exchanging needles after they use even though they know the effects with it. There should be new strategies which do not allow this as it results to transmission of diseases to other people who will spend a lot of cash to control the effects in return. The Canadian health policymakers would achieve higher success rates regarding costs and also the effectiveness. However, they will have to consider addiction as a public issue or maybe a criminal offense where they will penalize the offenders. Read on this link for more:


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