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Posted by on August 4, 2019

By default, classified reality can be considered as a modern type of virtual reality. When physical aspects of the real world are combined with imaginative ideas using touch, sight and sound and computer-generated 3D settings, they are called virtual worlds. iCloud email login Imagine being in a store and seeing products with 3D systems on a computer screen that you can organize and move any product at any angle. It is truly an amazing experience! It is the latest technology that dominates the marketing world, and has been called Augmented Realty for the last four years. Currently AR is not just an advertising medium, but also builds brand and customer relationships. Almost every company uses AR as an important tool to launch products / services in the market and build their brand image.


Due to the lack of academic studies as well as academic studies in the field of UG gamble reality marketing, this article first addresses the small number of experimental marketing-related research that forms the basis and elements for research studies. Economists believe that the modern world is strongly linked to elements of the “economy of experience“, meaning that consumers are more practical consumers. In this type of behavior, consumers typically perceive functional benefits as irrelevant. This is the stage where experience marketing comes into play, recognizing consumption as a kind of overall experience and recognizing the rational and emotional drivers of consumption.

The importance of experimental marketing to end users is seen as a value-added method, which gives companies additional benefits, especially in the future. Apart from this, consumers are encouraged to make faster and more optimistic buying decisions. Although the new direction of advertising is generally recognized as a symbol of the future of marketing, it is still not understood. For this reason, more diverse research techniques are needed to better understand consumers.

The formulation of empirical data suggesting a consumer’s view of services / products through direct or indirect testing has recently been demonstrated by two quantitative studies. Two studies focused on the views of American brands and their consumers on the Taiwanese market. iCloud email login Furthermore, these studies have shown that experimental value creation can stimulate customer satisfaction. However, other studies are also needed to reproduce their results. And further investigation of the relationships revealed by qualitative research. In addition, the link between customer satisfaction and values ​​has been confirmed by various researches suggesting that experience enhancement should provide functional value, emotional value, and positive positive satisfaction.

Although there is a clear and broad consensus on the direct relationship between customer satisfaction and price, there is no consensus on which elements are considered for consumers. On the other hand, if customers are satisfied with a particular product, they usually repurchase the product and avoid buying from competitors in the market. Customer satisfaction is mainly seen from two different perspectives: cumulative and transaction specific. Although it is assumed that the cumulative aspect of customer satisfaction after purchase is absolute condition, price will be recognized at various stages of the purchase process, including the first stage of the sale.

Ogg Guarantees is a modern version of Reality VR or Virtual Reality. Augmented reality applications offer many benefits. Some of these are:

Applications Although the originality of these applications decreases after a long use, responsibility is on brands because they now take advantage of this technology and can easily develop more products. iCloud Login Augmented reality is becoming more and more popular in many companies. Each new construction has the potential of additional development and announcement.

• Augmented Reality lets you upload your media version, such as a picture or other creativity. Companies can bring innovative pieces for their users, picking up pictures and videos because they have an X-factor.

• Companies can improve their structure and share it with the network. You can also record amazing content.

It is often done that many users can not create professional videos. With the Augmented Reality app, however, you can get more.

• When it comes to high quality materials and other aspects, these applications are very satisfactory. You have to try to know their utility and production capacity.

It is believed that augmented reality experience marketing primarily affects the pre-purchase phase. iCloud Email login In this phase, the customer analyzes his choice according to the purchase decision route before making the final decision. Even if customers are out of stock, they can browse before buying different types of products. You have an opportunity to choose from a large amount. Advice, recommendations and suggestions are available to customers at any time.

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