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Posted by on April 17, 2019

When a business is beginning, one of the things that they have to critically think is the business model or the type of entity is going to be. This is one of the best ways for defining the company especially because it determines the identity of the company. One of the things that many companies find themselves especially at the beginning of the process is to choose between Limited liability companies and corporations. You will need to have a lot of information about both of these models so that you can make the right decision. This is a decision that is critical and you have to ensure that you have found the best information sources. The entities have different qualities and this article will highlight of the main aspects that you need to be aware of. C corporations for example, are great businesses that sell products and they have storefronts and in addition to that, they have employees. Many of the individuals do not appreciate this kind of model because you may have to pay so many taxes. Contact an attorney corp services for these services.

If you are looking for the model that is going to help you to protect the structure of your company, the S corporation is definitely what you need. The amount of money that you have to pay in the startup process can actually be quite a lot when it comes to the S corporation. The other option would be to have the company become an LLC and this is an option that is going to involve people who are interested in having a company that is going to hold real estate and also other types of appreciating assets. Great asset protection will be one of the qualities of the LLC in addition to flexible taxation and that is why many investors feel this is the best option for them. When it comes to the LLC, there are a number of areas where you will be able to get more advantages as compared to the C or S corporation. The S Corporation can have an unlimited number of owners same to the LLC but the S corporation cannot. One of them are the main differences is that there is no requirement that the owner of the LLC or C Corporation become a US citizen but, you have to be a citizen of the US if you’re going to start and is a corporation. Rather than individuals being the owner of the LLC, another company can also be the owner which is also another aspect where the LLC is very different from the S corporation.

The owners of the business, however, will have limited liability when it comes to business obligations and liabilities and this is true of all of these entities. Click here for more info:


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