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Posted by on March 13, 2019

How is CBD different from marijuana?
These two are both parts of the cannabis family. On the other hand, to be categorized as hemp, the plant must have very low level of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, about less than 0.3 percent. On the other hand, there are products available in the market such as pure leaf cbd in which it has zero percent THC, for this reason, you will not get high.

What is CBD?
CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the many unique components seen in the cannabis plant. It is a non-psychoactive compound and is entirely separated from THC. New advancements have made it attainable to grow cannabis with a lot of CBD and no THC at all.

What is ECS and how does CBD works?
ECS, is the short term for endocannabinoids, which are naturally occurring substances found in the brain that would activate the receptor sites present in the ECS to cause psychological processes which include immune system, pain, appetite, neuroprotective that include memory, mood as well as disease prevention.

Where do you get CBD oil?
We worked with a couple of chosen hemp farmers that have been organically growing hemp for more than 20 years now. the CBD oil is CO2 extracted and is examined before packing it. The carrier oil is obtained from the organic farms.

Are the products organic?
Yes, there are a lot of hemp products that are organic. In addition, they are also considered as non-GMO, gluten0free, raw, nut-free, soy-free, vegan as well as free from any artificial flavoring or coloring. The manufacturers would want to keep it simple and organic.

Are the hemp-based products legal?
Yes, they are legal in all fifty states as well as more than forty-five countries. As a result, using it in places that are legalized the use of hemp is fine.

Do you require a prescription?
No, you don’t need to ask a physician to prescribe you just to use hemp. You can just buy it over the counter particularly in places or states where its usage is legal.

What makes Vita Leaf Naturals better in contrast to other products available on the market?
Affordability and quality are the main priorities. We source it directly from the farmers, buy in huge amounts, and have our very own manufacturing facility where having a third party bottle the products is not necessary. We would deliver it straight to you and remove all the middleman from the picture.To know more Faqs about CBD click here:


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