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Posted by on March 31, 2019

You must have heard about the employee assistance program or (EAP). This is an initiative to promote healthy relationships in the workplace through providing professional counseling services. This is offered by employers to their employees to support their general well-being and their personal lives. Depending on the arrangement with the employers, there are EAPs that extend even to the family members of the employee. Check out to know more about employee assistance program.

EAP counseling is often aimed at helping employees to identify and clarify issues that have been affecting them including the underlying ones. The employee is also assisted in coming up with options to address the stated issues. EAP also helps in developing plans to resolve the issues and to seek out constructive solutions for them.

There are several issues that can qualify an employee for a professional counseling service. The following are some of them:

Mental health issues
These include anger management, anxiety, depression, and other needs of an employee and his or her family.

Legal and family advice
This includes divorce, marriage counseling, or child custody issues.

Grief assistance
This is to support employees who have lost a loved one or an employee who lost a colleague or survived a critical incident such as a shooting incident in the workplace.

Drug addiction
This is to provide advice to the employee regarding his or her addiction or how to deal with the addiction of a family member. This includes teenage addiction.

Workplace personality clashes
This is to provide advice and suggestions on how to deal with a difficult boss or colleague.

Financial consulting
This includes advice on how to avoid bankruptcy or how to pay off a credit card debt or come up with a budget plan.

Health and caregiving issues
This includes managing medical issue or a disability at work. It also includes how to find help for an ill loved one or how to manage best return-to-work issues right after a worker’s comp claim.

Fees to Pay
EAP programs are free of charge. The EAP counselor will assess if the issues you have are likely to be resolved in the number of sessions allotted for you. If your issue can’t be resolved with the available visits or sessions for you, the counselor will refer you to a provider who is more suitable to your needs. You will be responsible for the fees once you are referred to a different professional.

These are the most crucial information about EAP every employee must know.

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