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Posted by on June 14, 2018


Deciding which erectile dysfunction treatment to have can be such a tough decision to make. There are several ED treatments one can choose, some of the options include; nasal sprays, penile implants or drugs. Before settling for any erectile dysfunction treatment, it is essential to consult a doctor first.

Sexual performance is seen as a huge factor in relationships and as a symbol of man’s ego. A person who has ED is likely to have self-esteem issues and is expected to withdraw from any social activities. Many men are affected by this condition, and it is essential to know that many people have the awareness and also seek help as soon as possible.


Each treatment at ED Treatment Information Center works differently, but ideally, all procedures serve the same purpose of ensuring there is sufficient blood flow. Usually, when a male genitalia is stimulated the nerve signals are sent to allow blood to flow to the tissue which eventually leads to the hardening of the male genitalia. Some conditions interfere with this system, and that is why ED treatments are used to rectify such situations.


Oral medication is a popular treatment option for the ED treatment; such drugs include Viagra and Levitra. Self-injections are also becoming popular; they are known to cause no discomfort or pain when used. Erectile dysfunction pumps are also gaining popularity regarding people trying to use them; there is an average of 65% satisfaction rate. Some people have also undertaken psychotherapy as a treatment of ED. This treatment method is seen as a less invasive one. Another treatment option is a vascular surgery or a penile implant for those persistent cases. Both these two methods are expensive and have a higher risk on the patient and should be sort as the last resort after all the other treatment options have been exhausted. For both drugs and injection treatment methods at ED Treatment Information Center there are side effects that a patient may have.


Sex therapy is another name of psychotherapy. A patient with ED will use the knowledge of a sex therapist to understand the psychological and physiological impact on sexual activity. Some therapists will encourage patients to go on the therapy sessions with their partners, to understand the underlying issues that bring about the erectile dysfunction. The decision on which treatment to use for erectile dysfunction is up to the patient. It is good to take note that diet, exercise, and sexual activities can be used to treat an ED. For more facts and information about ED treatment, go to


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