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Posted by on September 7, 2018


With escape room games becoming popular by the day places where you can find them are expanding making the task of choosing the best one daunting. This is because the options are countless and if you have never played the gameĀ  knowing the best one is such stretching. To enable you enjoy the fun with escape room this guide gives smart tips on how to select the best escape room birthday party.


The first thing is to know the number of players since this will directly determine the size of the room. You should therefore first ensure that all your team members are present, have riddles to solve and other roles to play. Besides, it is good to know that if your team is lacking one or two people since it will make it hard for you to solve the tricks with fewer hands to do some tasks within a limited period.


You will also consider the age of your players to decide on the difficulty level as well as the theme. Also the players’ age determines the type of specifications noting that most escape room providers like The Escape Artist love to organize birthday parties either for children or adults. In case you decide to book a room in advance informing them whether or not you will carry children along is paramount to avoid unpleasant surprises in the content and forms in the riddles which may be inappropriate for children.


Then decide on the content.This is a crucial factor of the game since the extent of excitement usually depends on how difficult the game is as a simple one may end up boring the participants.If you are a beginner in the game, then you should choose a medium level of difficulty which may have easy puzzles, but the first game will excite you too much to forge the experience.


You will also consider the theme of the escape room. Here it is good t inquire if there will be real actors in the plot,whether there will be a single room or many of them and if the ending will be an exit or you will be required to solve a more complicated riddle. Here are more related discussions about escape room at


Lastly look at the genre of the escape room games. The purpose of playing the game will significantly determine this. If for instance all you want is fun and being with friends it is wise to choose an escape room that has no dark surroundings.


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