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Posted by on December 13, 2018

Writing research papers is part of every scholar. Professors will give assignments regularly to assess the students understanding and knowledge on the given subject. These assignments account for the final grade you will get when you graduate.

Proper care should be taken when writing these papers to ensure you get good grades. So, how do you write a paper that will satisfy your professor and get better grades? Below are tips on how to write a better research paper.

Understand Your Assignment First

Before you start to write a research paper, ensure you understand what the assignment is all about. What format are you supposed to use? What is the length of the paper? What about the tone, referencing, and all other aspects that goes into writing a paper?

Ensure you understand this before you get started. There is no harm of asking your professor for clarification to make everything clear from the beginning. This will help you avoid doing revisions or cancelling your paper when you are halfway done.

A clear understanding of assignment at hand will help you run things smoothly. It will help you craft the type of content you will write and how you will better relay it. Even when you make mistakes along the way, it will be easier and fast to make corrections.

Choose Topic Wisely

The topic you select to write a paper on plays a big role in the writing experience you will have. Most scholars dread research paper writing because they don’t have a special interest in the topic they are writing about. They feel like it’s a burden to them or like they are wasting their time.

If you want to make things different for you, choose a topic that you have a special interest in. Doing a research and writing about the topic will be fun and engaging. You will be eager to learn more about the topic. You will not even know when you are done because you will feel like going on and on without stopping.

Draw an Outline

Drawing an outline can assist you to generate and organize your research ideas. It will help you plan your writing from the beginning. This will make ideas flow smoothly without making repetitions or leaving out important ones. The moment you start writing your research paper, you flow smoothly till the end.

You will not have to stop after several pages or paragraphs to think about the next idea. With an outline, all will be set in place and there will be no blank moments in between writing. You will be fully focused on writing until the end.

Choose high-quality Sources

The requirement of your research paper will determine your sources. However, you need to make them be of high quality in terms of credibility and reliability. Don’t just pick any other source you find along the way.

To ascertain the credibility and reliability of the sources, check the credentials and qualifications of the author, publication, and its timeliness. You don’t want to use a book about technology that was published in the 90s. We are living in a completely different era.

Even if the book may have some useful info, it may not be applicable in these times. So, if you want to write a paper that will be of high quality in all aspects, choose your sources wisely.

Consult your professor

Scripting a research papers is among the most difficult aspects of the life of a scholar. Sometimes one can become frustrated because of how challenging these papers can be. If you want to cruise through smoothly, always seek advice from your professor.

Your professors have been there before you and know all that it entails in writing an excellent paper. They also know where you can get useful sources for research or even help you think through an idea to get better than you would have done on your own. Generally, it’s seeking advice from your professor is ideal to make writing a paper easy for you.

Make a draft

After you have conducted proper research and assessed what the assignments want you to do, it’s time to make a rough draft. You can start by writing down key points in form of topic sentences.

With these sentences, it will be easier to expound on the topic at hand without leaving anything behind. The angle you decide to approach this part depends on your preference. You can decide to start by writing an introduction then write the body part or vice versa.

Make revisions

Are you done making a draft of your research paper? It’s time to make corrections now. Read your paper from start to end to identify any errors you may have made during writing. Ensures your ideas have a clear flow.

After you are satisfied with clarity and coherence of your paper, edit it to ensure all the sentences read well in terms of structure, grammar, syntax, wording, and punctuation. Read through your paper as many times as possible to ensure you don’t miss out on anything.


The fact that writing a paper for your academic requirements is difficult doesn’t mean it isn’t achievable. In fact, it’s very easy if you know what it entails. The above guide states all that you need to know to write quality academic papers.

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