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Posted by on February 14, 2019

People face unexpected finance challenges as they face their day to day lives. These financial situations arise because of unforeseen contingencies. Emergencies and urgent financial situation can throw a person into disarray as they ponder on where to get financial assistance. This is usually the case if the individual in question has a poor credit score, has no credit score or has no collateral to offer a lender in order to entice them to lend them some money. It becomes nearly impossible for such individuals to access credit facilities. However, there is hope for such persons with the option of a payday loan. This type of loan has got great benefits as we will clearly see below.

Income based payday loans are short term unsecured loans issued to borrowers on the basis of their employment status. This form of loan is very risky on the side of the lender because if the borrower does not pay or loses their employment before they earn an income for a particular period the lender could lose the principle and interest of money advanced to a borrower. This is why the lender ensures the loan is paid within a very short period of time. This is usually thirty days to a maximum of three months. In addition to this, the lenders charge very high-interest loans for such loans. If we look on the bright side, people who do not qualify for secure loans do not have to be miserable and distressed. They can borrow funds on the strength that they will refund as soon as they get their next paycheck.

This type of loan is beneficial to the lender because they are able to step in the gap and offer a much-needed service to many individuals who would otherwise go unassisted. They are able to benefit from a niche which many financial institutions avoid. Although the payday loans are high risk, the lender is able to compensate this risk by charging a high-interest rate. If the customer pays, and most of them do, the lender benefits greatly. Similarly, a borrower who would otherwise be locked out because of past mistakes which gave them a bad credit score can borrow money to take care of an emergency. This may include paying for medical bills, school fees, vehicle repairs, utility bills to mention but a few. The payday loan service is, therefore, a win-win situation for both the borrower and the lender. Keep browsing and know about payday loans based on income only here. Read more…

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