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Posted by on May 1, 2019


Executive condominiums are coming up in an interesting means and also there are a lot of reasons that can drive you to choosing one. There are lots of designers working on multimillion dollar projects so regarding make the best of all the chances that provide themselves.

Essentially, an Executive Tre Ver Condo is a crossbreed between a level and also a personal property. The units generally feature resale and ownership restrictions such as revenue of at most $12,000 along with a line of work period of some 5 years. In between the sixth and also 10th year, the units can be up for sale to PRs without having any type of family core requirements. This indicates that they are privatized partly. Once the 10 years are over, then constraints are typically lifted and the residential property ends up being privatized. One of the most silver linings with such real estate settings is the reality that customers can receive gives which can be truly valuable.

In this backdrop, there are new Exec Condominiums being offered today and individuals generally appreciate discount rates of approximately 20% as contrasted to various other personal properties being sold. The price cut is likewise expected to limit as the units start being sold after 5 years MOP, they will certainly be priced just like all the personal properties after the ten years period has actually expired.

Among the other features of Exec condos is the truth that their area is pre-meditated. They are typically situated close with social features and also transportation. The expressways are generally rather available and also MRT stations are nearby. This is focused on adding to the benefit of the homeowners.

A lot of areas that have this sort of growth are undergoing some remarkable makeovers on a daily basis. With Exec condos, there is a wide variety of choices that can make due to the different units that can be purchased. There are 2, 3, 4 as well as even 5 bed room units. The dimensions additionally differ to an extremely fantastic degree and also they are anywhere between 786sqft to 1549sqft. This suggests that there is a certain sort of unit that can house various family sizes and all their needs. The rate of the units is rather affordable also.

Some Executive condos also make use of the COSPACE concept. The COSPACE idea is all including as well as it covers a great deal of aspects that make your life a lot more hassle-free. There is:

  • COSPACE efficiency which helps in the maximization of room
  • COSPACE versatility which focuses on creating room that chooses the sort of versatility you want
  • COSPACE interactivity where you appreciate room and also be in a position to communicate

With the COSPACE concept, one is enabled to personalize and specify specifically how they desire the house to be. It can be possible to communicate the energy and also the study rooms to a SOHO or a complete size space. If you wish to tailor whatever in your home and style the insides, there is the opportunity of acquiring a system that is bare. This conserves you a great deal of cash money.


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