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Posted by on May 8, 2019


Just like in any other sales, there are some elementary things to consider before you buy rap beats. If you do not do this, you will be so confused that you might end up being fleeced of your money or getting the wrong music. The terms of sales matters a lot.

You should be clear on what you want, whether it is exclusive or non exclusive rights. The former is where what you do with the beat after the purchase is your concern. Whether you use it in an album and it goes platinum, you will not be required to pay any royalties.

Despite its relative affordability, most people do not seem to like non-exclusive beats. This is majorly because of the restrictions it comes with. The way the sale is handled, you do not get the rights, these remains with the producer. You will have to pay royalties once you start selling your music.

The number one method of receiving the beat is by first paying through any acceptable payment system. After paying, you will receive a download link where you will download it from. The sending of this link should be immediately the payment is processed.

It is advisable to buy non-exclusive type. This makes sense in that if you record a great track with it, then you can purchase it exclusively. Exclusive ones are rather expensive and if your release flops then you have wasted a great deal of money.

The sound quality of the music should be top notch. You can always be assured of this if you build a good relationship with a trustworthy a producer. In turn, the producer will do his best to give you good products. If you can own the beats, by purchasing them exclusively, then do it.

If you are not making music, you can still make money with it. One way is to buy rap beats and then resell them. It is even possible to make the whole transaction take place on the same website. The transaction is just between you and the site, the producer is not involved, and this is why proper research is necessary.


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