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Posted by on May 8, 2019


With today’s fast-paced lifestyle combined with the hustle and bustle of city life, maintaining a house poses a challenge. Buying a Florence Residences condominium has been the solution of busy working people nowadays. A condominium is real estate composed of different properties. Essentially, it is a housing unit among a multi-unit building. Each unit is owned individually, with common areas jointly owned by the unit owners and the building owners. Together, these unit owners have interests in the duties and rights of the common areas such as amenities, parking, lobby, and the like. Residential condominiums are usually composed of a high-rise building or buildings.

Condominium living has been an emerging trend primarily because of the number of benefits residents get to enjoy. Location is one of the important considerations when choosing where to live. Condominiums are usually located in prime locations in the city. One of the main selling points of developers is that condominiums offer convenient living amidst the heart of the city. There are usually nearby groceries, malls, churches, and the like within the vicinity. There is also a various range of unit types buyers can choose from. These range from studios, one bedroom, and up. Each type has distinct cuts and sizes, depending on your preference. There are also different floor plans and different number of bathrooms to choose from.

Residents can also usually choose to get units that are fully furnished. A basic condominium unit is normally furnished with the basics such as bathroom tiles, wallpapers, kitchen counters, and the like. However, some residential condominium developments also offer fully-furnished units complete with furniture, couches, stoves, and the like. Of course, these are available for a significant additional cost. Security is also one factor that is definitely present in condominiums. Buildings are usually equipped with advanced technologies in securities such as alarms and guard services. Convenience and low maintenance are also the benefits residents pay for. Aside from the value of the unit, residents also have to pay for condominium dues which usually cover basic maintenance of their units. The maintenance group of condominiums takes care of the basic maintenance needs of the units. These include plumbing, roof maintenance, and the like.

Condominiums also boast of a range of amenities. These are the common areas that residents can enjoy, as part of what they pay for. The more basic amenities are usually swimming pools, fully-equipped gym, spa, tennis courts, and function rooms, among others. Residents enjoy these benefits which cannot be found in usual houses and apartments. Condominiums also have an elected board of directors. Each unit owner is automatically a member of the condominium’s association. This board is in-charge of enforcing laws, handles maintenance and repair issues, and resolves disputes between and among unit owners and with the developers. Resale of units is also beneficial. For example, a resident buys a condominium at this price this year. In the next few years, the value of the unit will definitely appreciate. Since each unit is well-maintained, re-sale should not be a problem.

Condominium living is definitely a good alternative for busy people who want to live at the heart of the city.


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