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Posted by on May 16, 2019


Oral-B rechargeable and battery-powered toothbrushes work for the best oral health care.

Compared with regular manual toothbrushes, they assure better removal of plaque by up to 97% on certain models. The technology that comes with each Oral-B rechargeable and electric toothbrush (the oscillating-pulsating and cupping power) is key in providing better brushing and hence healthier teeth and gums.

Power toothbrushes are simple to use for the common consumer because the brushing action is performed by the toothbrush itself. You do not need to burden yourself with brushing back and forth as with a regular manual toothbrush.

However, just like a regular manual toothbrush, your brush needs to be replaced every three to six months. With Oral-B rechargeable and battery-powered toothbrushes you have a wide assortment of oral-b interspace brush heads to choose from. It is best to purchase original Oral-B replacement heads because according to studies, they remove plaque up to 97% better than ordinary brush heads.

If you’re electric toothbrush is an Oral-B Pulsonic. The Oral-B replacement heads that you may purchase are the Oral-B Pulsonic Electric Toothbrush Head. This is specially designed to work with the Pulsonic. It has bristles for making teeth naturally whiter in just two weeks by polishing off surface stains. It provides deep clean because of its Interspace design and helps create healthier gums.

For other models of rechargeable and battery-powered toothbrushes, the replacement brush heads that are available in the market are the Dual Clean, Precision Clean, Pro White, Ortho, Sensitive, Power Tip, and the Oral-B FlossAction.

Be sure to always use genuine Oral-B replacement heads.


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