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Posted by on May 27, 2019


Today, concerts, entertainments spots, social clubs, and advertisers are using outdoor LED display. For that reason, several manufacturers have ventured into outdoor LED screen making to reap from the lucrative booming industry. Unfortunately, not all outdoor LED screen made are of high quality or a suitable specification. Added considerations are needed when choosing LED display screen. Below are various factors to consider when selecting an outdoor LED display for use

Determine The Suitable LED Display Screen Size

When determining the suitable size of outdoor led display, consider the location of the installation. As expected, you want to avoid situations where viewers have to strain to view the imagery on screen. For this reason, knowing the location allows you to have a rough estimate of the minimum and maximum viewing distance of the viewers. In turn, the range will enable you to have a general average of the height and the length of the desired screen hence making it suitable for viewers who are either closer or farther away.

Determine The LED Display Screen Video Processing Type

Next, consider the processing type of the large outdoor TV screens you want to invest in. Ideally, the led video panel processing type is usually dictated by the kind of content you want to display. For the LED display screen to effectively support live streaming, dedicated external processing equipment will be needed. Likewise, if your focus will only be in prerecorded content, then no supporting equipment will be required. As expected, the type of content played has a significant effect on the operating cost of the display and overall cost of the screen.


A Reliable Power Supply Source To Power The LED Display Screen

You cannot afford to have a power blackout while using an outdoor display screen. When considering what type of display to invest in, take a moment, and focus on the outdoor conditions during various seasons. Additionally, consider the power consumptions and power supply sources when investing. Usually, to avoid power failure due to fluctuations, investing in high-quality voltage stabilizer is recommended.

Thermal Management Capability Of The LED Display Screen

LED screens that preceded the current technology usually headed pretty fast when powered up for long. Though a significant improvement has been made in this display sector, thermal management is still a major factor to keep in mind when choosing a led display board. Factor in external temperatures and how it affects the internal temperature. Also, consider the thermal management system and how effective the LED display is in regulation temperature during extended operating hours.

Warranty And After Sales Support Of The LED Display Screen

Finally, when choosing which kind of led display board, you want to invest in, consider the manufacturing company. Usually, a high quality LED display screen has a more extended warranty package than a substandard quality. Additionally, consider the after sales support provided with the display. A company that cares for its customers and offers high-quality products will give satisfactory after-sale services and warranty.


As the audience is the driving factor when choosing an outdoor LED display, consider the desired end image before making a purchase. Taking a keen interest in the above factors will allow you to choose the most suitable stage LED screen to invest in. Overall, consider the cost of the display on offer as most of the time dirt cheap displays usually indicate low resolutions and imagery.

Customer Cases Handled By Unilightled

Unilightled LED displays have been selected by TV broadcaster Channel One Russia for use in a studio during a visit by president Putin. The aim of the visit was to celebrate the channel’s 50th anniversary.

Designers at the TV channel wanted to create two seamless interactive backdrop screens which would integrate signals from cameras throughout the broadcast studio. They needed a system with no delay or error during operation which would produce perfect visual effects.

Two narrow pixel pitch screens were created using Unilightled products:  a 6.1 x 3.43m screen connected directly to the control room, using Upanel 1.2mm display technology, and a 14.64 x 2.058m screen connected to the main video processor integrating signals from cameras dispersed throughout the studio, which used Upanel 1.9mm technology.

The Unilightled products ensured a clear image with an extended colour range, thanks to high gray scale under lower brightness, while a double back-up system in the panels prevented accidental mistakes.

The CEO of Unilightled quoted ‘’ President Putin honours Unilightled with visit on all our outstanding projects’

Unilightled has a track record of success in Russia, having completed projects with the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, the Russian Stock Exchange Centre, the Kazan Universiade, the Moscow 24 News TV studio and the Habar TV channel.


About Shenzhen Unilight Technology Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Unilight Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2011 with the production and management area of 10000 ㎡, its headquarters is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen, China. Unilight focuses with the R&D, production, sales, and service of indoor LED display, outdoor  LED display, advertising LED billboard, pole LED advertising poster display, creative LED display, and small pixel pitch LED display.

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