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Posted by on December 4, 2018

Fertilizer retailers, chemical dealers, and growers can find extensive inventory of parts and new or used equipment for all their storage, distribution, and application needs at seven physical locations or online. Leading product manufacturers such as Blu-Jet, Willmar, Chandler, and Banjo, among others are in stock so buyers can leave with what they need, or have it shipped out on the same day it is ordered. Soil must be prepared properly before anything can be planted, which is why inventory is readily available.


Inventory, both in-store and online, is divided into categories for easy access. Most categories are subdivided as well. The spray tips category, for example, includes flat fan, orifice, flood, air induction, and fertilizer tips. Other categories include valves, pumps, tanks, electronic systems, and hose and tubing.

Customers can navigate departments, aisles, or page tabs to get in, find what they came for, and get on with the day. Climate changes are making growing seasons unpredictable, so time is precious when it comes to planting. Visit a physical location or go to to discover how shopping for essentials can be simple and fast.


In 1967 highly-trained staff were available in the store for selection assistance, recommendations, and answering questions about products. That tradition continues in Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, and Indiana for excellent customer service. The business has grown as the industry needs and technology have advanced. Expect the latest parts and systems to be available for convenience, time savings, and higher yields.

Compare Services and Inventory

There are multiple businesses that provide agricultural parts, equipment, and services. It makes sense to compare before buying. Pricing is a factor, but keep in mind quality is the most important factor in terms of results in the fields. A bargain price is not useful if products take weeks to get arrive or do not meet the needs.

Rather than going with a conglomerate that offers the lowest possible price, discover how an independent business can offer affordable pricing and exceptional service on a grand scale. Visit and determine if products and services align with the needs of your farm or supply business.

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