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Posted by on May 2, 2018


When it comes to the section of banking and finance change cannot be it can be simply explained banking deals with the depositing of cash from customers, providing hunting land loans to qualified customers, safekeeping of savings and many other transactions. These activities have been done by all banks since time in memorial. Banks have evolved and expanded their services to please the financial and non-financial desires of all categories of customers from the smallest account holders to the largest companies.


The variety of services differs from one bank to another. This can be due to various reasons such as the size of the bank and the popularity of the bank at


Mankind development has been boosted by the presence of technology. Communication technology and information technology is a major sector in the field of technology that has helped in the development of the banking sector. Technology is transforming every sector of human activity. Technology in the banking sector offered multi-channels for customers like the ATM machines; card based and, communication by telebanking.


Credit cards, charged cards, debit cards, smart cards or otherwise known as plastic money is a financial tool. It has reduced the load of carrying a large amount of money from place to place to has also helped in getting money without wasting time by making the long queue at the bank. In some states it is designed to follow the plan, purchase now and repay later. Even though you repay later there are credit limits that if they are overlooked you can be penalized. To know more about loans, visit this website at


The banking sector has taken advantage of the growing market of mobile phones and cell services and joined forces to come up with mobile banking. Customers can now get banking services and banking transactions are available from their palm. This development is easy to use, very effective, safe and fast.


E-banking is another growing banking technology. It helps to reduce cost by providing low-priced and quicker ways of transporting products to customers. This service is a combined effort by the customers and bank. The sense is that the bank pushes while the customer pulls. The customer gets to dictate the time, place, method they want the product to be delivered.


The banking sector is developing at a faster rate, this is greatly due to the support of technology .without it, ATMs, mobile banking, online buying and credit cards would be impossible.


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