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Posted by on April 22, 2019

Marijuana has been legalized for use in different states as it offers the body numerous medical benefits. The authorization for sale and use of marijuana has led to high demand for the best and high quality marijuana so that it can be used to cure different health conditions. The cultivation of the best medical marijuana is also increasing so that it can satisfy the growing demand. When it comes to marijuana, there are different strains which can be cultivated and sold for use by the people. One of the best strains of marijuana is the gorilla glue which can also be referred to as original glue. There are several things which you need to know about this strain of cannabis. Those who first grew this marijuana strain were sued and lost the lawsuit to the glue companies hence shortening the name to GG4. It is necessary to learn that GG4 is a hybrid of the sativa strain. GG4 is a heavily sativa-dominant strain of marijuana. It is important to note the appearance, taste and the aroma of this marijuana strain so that you can avoid confusion between other strains. The Gorilla glue is usually medium-density bud characterized with orange and green hairs which have a dense and spongy feel. You can click this link to learn more about gorilla glue marijuana strain:

When cutting the buds with scissors, it usually the trichomes usually stick on it. It is generally difficult for one to remove the sticky residue which attaches to your scissors and that’s why it is called gorilla glue. It is usually easy to grow this strain as it takes a short time to mature. You can always find the gorilla glue products in the reputed cannabis dispensaries as it is easy to grow. You can always get a quality product every time you need as it takes a shorter time to grow hence making it plenty in the market. The aroma for the GG4 is usually earthy and sour. It leaves an imprint on your nose when you first smell it. Its taste is standard as it is similar to that of tart chocolate or coffee making consumers to develop a higher liking for the same. The high quality gorilla glue marijuana strain can be used or both medical and recreational purposes. You can use this strain for gentle relaxation, head high sensation, calmness as well as a sense of overall feeling peace. You can use the best gorilla glue products for the medical treatment of anxiety, body aches, headaches, menstrual cramps, depression as well as minor arthritis. You can also recreationally use gorilla glue strain to boost your creativity, as well as relieving stress.


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