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Posted by on October 22, 2018

Many of us are still unaware of the importance in prevention of fires and ways how to be safe that requires one to follow especially at home that in effect increases the rates of incidences of fire accidents. Despite the fact of setting up fire alarm systems at home, the inadequacy to know, understand and proper training would make it totally obsolete as for its effectiveness and purpose.

Due to this problem, fire service department are responsible of the task in sharing the knowledge and awareness in terms of handling proper fire safety measures and training such as preventive mechanisms or using a thermal imaging camera fire in order to decrease incidences of fire accidents.

The common idea of being a firefighter as an easy job would be wrong. They are entitled to respond many kinds of problems aside from fighting fires which usually comes with the risk of sacrificing their lives as well.

Fire departments respond to those in need of help in every type of situations like natural calamities, accidents, emergencies and non-life threatening events such as saving a cat that have climbed up on the roof. Also, they are at all times prepared to go and maintain their vehicles and gears to be functional anytime it is needed.

Firefighters are to be aware for any signs of anxiety. Not just psychological and emotional stress, but also physical stress that would may result from wearing insulated clothing that would keep the air from going out thus increases heat inside. This would result to heat stress from the clothing especially when they wear it during fire emergencies.

In the process of an operation to rescue a victim the chances of getting collapse would be likely from burned structures and due to these firefighters likely get covered underneath the wreckage. Thus, it is significant that they should constantly in-touch with their crews by radio in order to be able to ask support in instances of an accident.

Part of the job of each staff members that belongs to a fire service department mandates their flexibility and to do different types of task simultaneously. Also, it requests the need to develop mental and physical power and strength combined with developed emotional characteristics.

Ciqurix equipments and services are not solely evolved on fire fighting. Several additional roles such as civil resilience management, fire control operators, safety exercise and teaching; procurement, supervision, maintenance of equipment and transportation may sum up for a whole fire service department.

The advantage of being involves in fire service department is worth the time and at the same time challenging. It inevitably brings with it risks and dangers and requires one to be continually vigilant and focused.

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