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Posted by on June 7, 2019

If you are in the transport sector and you have a fleet of commercial vehicles, then you must know what I mean when I mention dash cameras. These devices have played a huge role in improving the quality of services in the commercial transport sector. If you do not have dash cameras installed on your fleet of commercial vehicles, then the article herein will enlighten you on the importance of fleet dash cams.

One reason as to why you should have dash cams installed on your fleet is because the dash cams have the capability to record accidents. The dash cameras record the events that led to the accident and how it happened. This plays a huge role when it comes to implementing road safety measures and prevent further carnage. Reviews can be made since the dash cameras act like witnesses. The fact that you have a recording of the accident will make the process of making insurance claims faster. The insurance claims will be approved at a faster rate when there is substantiable evidence.

It is also imperative to note that dash cameras also help to prevent fraudelent insurance claims. Some drivers crash into commercial vehicles with the intention of getting paid. The fleet dash cameras will enable you to prevent such drivers from milking your organisation’s cash in terms of compensation. The other benefit of dash cameras is that they also help you to minimize on the insurance costs. When your fleet has dash cams installed, the insurance companies will tend to offer a better premium. You are more likely to pay a different premium from those who haven’t installed the dash cameras. Most insurance companies will give you a saving rate on your premium and thus reducing your insurance costs by a good rate. Click here for more info.

Another reason as to why you should have dash cams installed is because they also help you to monitor the drivers’ behaviours. The drivers will tend to stay alert on the road if there is a dash cam installed. Driver recklessness is out of the equation and thus better service delivery. The recordings on the dash cameras can also be used to train new drivers. The footage can be used to improve driving and also be used to train the drivers on how to deal with certain situations. Furthermore, you are always aware of the driver’s movements and thus giving you peace of mind. With fleet dash cameras, you are able to know of the drivers’ whereabouts. Discover more at


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