Express Feelings with Flowers

Flowers are wonderful gifts of nature. Numerous varieties of flowers are available all across the world. They are available in mesmerizing colors and are a treat to the human eyes. They are used since ancient times in the manufacture of perfumes, medicines etc. They also have an important role to play in Indian mythology. Records suggest that ancient Greeks used to associate every flower with a God or Goddess. The beauty of flowers captivate human beings, insects and animals. Hence attractive arrangements of these flowers are presented as a gift on several occasions.

The Practice of Gifting Flowers

The practice of gifting flower bouquets or single flowers started in the Victorian era in England according to records. During this era, it was not considered appropriate for people to express their feelings openly. Hence they used to convey the same using flowers. Different colored flowers were assigned different meanings by these people. For example Red Roses were associated with love; Yellow roses with friendship; White lilies with sorrow or death and so on. As times rolled on, this practice of gifting flowers spread across all the countries of the globe and it continues even to this day. Research has shown that the scent of flowers have healing properties. This concept is used in aromatherapy, which has been found to be quite beneficial in curing many diseases. In Indian mythology Gods and Goddesses are offered flowers on a daily basis and every function or celebration is incomplete without flowers.

Flower Delivery

Initially flowers were hand delivered to convey the feelings of Love, Friendship etc. or as a token of affection to friends or relatives during special occasions. When Telegraph service came into being, people got the privilege of sending flowers to their loved ones abroad using it. Then came the courier service and people started utilizing this service. However the advent of internet turned the world into a global village. Now a person can choose flowers from the catalogue of arranged flowers available on ecommerce sites and get it delivered to his or her loved ones residing anywhere across the globe.

Types of Flowers

Some of the most preferred flowers for gifting across the globe are Roses, Orchids, Anthurium, Gerbera, Lily, Carnations etc. Florists do the job of assembling these beautiful flowers in attractive combinations.

Online Flower Shopping

Internet has made all things easier for the mankind. The mushrooming of e-commerce sites has brought about a revolution in the area of shopping. Gone are the days when people used to spend long hours to travel to various destinations and shop for long hours. Online flower shopping is the trend these days as it helps people to choose their favorite fresh flowers and get it hand delivered to their loved ones. Numerous ecommerce sites like IndiaFlowerMall have a huge catalogue of enchanting flowers which are arranged in impressive bouquets that can bring a smile on the recipient’s face. This online flower shop in India has an extensive list of both national and international clients who shop here on a regular basis

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