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Posted by on January 9, 2019

When you decide to refurbish your kitchen with new kitchen cabinets, RTA cabinetry can offer you a solution. The RTA looks like the custom cabinets only that you have to assemble them by yourself. You will feel proud if you can install all the cabinets as it will be exciting and also you will have to brag when hosting a dinner party. RTA cabinetry is the best since it comes in solid wood, its durable looks identical to the custom cabinetry, it’s affordable and also it is beautiful and long-lasting. You will feel proud if you accomplish the task of putting together your new set of cabinet successfully.

By deciding to install your own RTA kitchen cabinets, it’s essential that you make early preparation. Before you install the new set of the cabinets, you will need to prepare the entire setting fast. Get everything in place such as adding a new floor, painting of the wall and plumbing work so that the cabinet becomes the last thing to be remodelled. After you finish all the preparation, you can go ahead and put your kitchen cabinets by starting with hanging the top first. You will need to have some tools such as a screwdriver and a drill. All the cabinetry material is all in one package.

You can have a quick assembly just by having the top level hanging and then proceed by moving down. Drill holes in advance in the wall stud and screw the cabinet into the wall and continue with the process. It’s vital to ensure that your cabinets are screwed tight to the wall, lined up and also ensure that everything is level. If the edges don’t match up to its essential that you redo the job again to attain the best looks for your cabinet that you will be proud of, view here!
By doing all the work by yourself, you will be able to have the pride of enjoying your cabinets for many years. You might need assistance from friends or family, but once the project is completed, you will be able to have that pride of owning the cabinet. It’s vital that you take a perfect measurement of the space before you buy the cabinets. You can visit a cabinet supplier so as you get to choose what you love. By visiting the cabinets, you can pick the taste of cabinet you want and also get the best quality with the help of the supply store. For more information about kitchen cabinets, click on this link:


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