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Posted by on August 18, 2018

If you want to write a story, the first thing you need to consider is how to get your story started and where to get ideas for it.

Ideas can be derived from any common and ordinary situations. If you go out of your house, you will see real people in the real world, and many ideas will come from random places that you will visit. Jot down ideas that come to your mind so you don’t forget them. And, think about what kind of story you want to write so that you can direct your descriptions that way.

You can start by describing a normal scene you witnesses in a store. You might have witnessed a man taking a girl by the hand and walking out of the door.

Starting with that simple sentence, make modifications. Here you can involve more of the senses. You can play around with adjectives, adverbs, so that the mood of the situation can be completely changed. You can make descriptions of the man and the girl and the way they moved around the store. You can make the simple scene above and show an adult and a small girl screaming all the way out. Click here for more.

Then add more sentences to describe what happened next or the results of what is happening now. You can fully portray the characters of your story by using adjectives. You can vary the length of your sentences. You should use both long and short sentences. Since this is fiction, you can then change the events and use your creativity to go to the next scene.

Then it is also good to add dialogue to your story. You can put some quotes and add a conflict. If you want to change the first thought of your reader, you can also add twists. Here you will let your audience realize that the elderly man is the father of the girl that have stolen some sweets in the store. When the father buckles his daughter up and wipes her face gently, then your audience will realize that the father is not bad or uncaring at all. With this, you grab the readers’ attention so they want to know more. Because you have stirred up interest in your readers, they would want to know more and not stop now.

It is either you use proper grammar in the dialogue if you want to picture an educated family or poor grammar to show lack of education. How people say things reveal their ideas, moods, and many things about them.

Expand your descriptions of what is going on around the scene. You can add the clerk’s reactions or describe what people around are saying.

Now you are on a roll. You have begun a story, and now it is time to keep on writing. Visit website for more info:


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